Private Clients

Taxmasters helps companies and business in many ways, including -

  • Self-Assessment Tax Returns: We prepare all of the necessary computations, complete your tax return, explaining fully and reconciling any tax liability or refund due.
  • Personal Tax Planning: We advise individuals, trusts and estates aiming to reduce your liabilities to income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax according to the particular circumstatnces and requirements.
  • Capital Gains Tax: Whether you are selling a business, a company, private shares, a property or any other asset, planning is essential. Taxmasters advises how you can reduce this liability.
  • Estate Planning: We provide a confidential service covering assistance with preparing your Will, utilizing all inheritance tax exemptions and reliefs [including guidance, for example, on spouse transfers, transferring assets into trust and protection through life assurance].
  • HMRC Enquiries: Our experienced staff liaise with the tax authorities on your behalf and give you the help and support required to settle the enquiry.

See the summary list of our Services for more detail.